Cornell Daily Sun, 4/5/13: Skorton: Cornell Will Not Divest in “Immediate” Future

The Daily Orange, 4/2/13: Alternative activism: SU, ESF groups advocate for schools to stop investing in fossil fuels

Cornell Chronicle, 3/28/13: Students advocate for sustainable investments to trustees

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/28/13: Chief Investment Officer: Divestment May Hurt Cornell’s Endowment

Rochester City Newspaper, 3/22/13: College students in fossil fuel fight

AlterNet, 3/21/13: Renowned Science Writer Sandra Steingraber Puts Her Body On the Line to Defend Against Fracking

The Ithacan, 3/21/13: Locals Protest Gas Storage Facility, 3/20/13: 12 arrested at Inergy; Protesters rally

Orion Magazine Blog, 3/19/13: Seneca 12 Block Gas Facility; Sandra Steingraber Arrested

Ithaca Journal, 3/19/13: Protest, arrests, at gas facilities in Schuyler County

Star Gazette, 3/19/13: Protests, arrests at gas facilities in Schuyler County

WBNG 12, 3/19/13: Several Arrested at Watkins Glen Protest

YNN, 3/19/13: Group Rallies Against Proposed LPG Storage Facility Near Seneca Lake

WETM18, 3/19/13: Protesters Rally Against Southern Tier Propane Storage

Common Dreams, 3/18/13: Fracking Protestors Arrested Blocking Dirty ‘Inergy’ Site

Protecting Our Water, 3/18/13: Breaking: Arrests at Blockade of “Dirty Inergy” Facility at Watkins Glen, as Protestors Protect Finger Lakes

Corning Leader, 3/18/13: 12 Activists Arrested at LPG Facility Protest

Ecowatch, 3/18/13: 12 Arrested Blockading Controversial Fracking Infrastructure

Innovation Trail, 3/18/13: Protesters arrested at gas storage site in Finger Lakes

The Leader, 3/18/13: 12 activists arrested at LPG facility protest

Corning Leader, 3/16/13: Group to rally against Inergy Plans

Tompkins Weekly, 3/11/13: Fossil Fuel Investments Targeted

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/5/13: Students Deliver Letters to Skorton, Demand That Cornell Divest

The Daily Orange, 3/5/13: Group protests SU’s use of fossil fuels, calls for elimination of all fossil fuel investments within five years

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/1/13: Protesters: ‘Do the Right Thing’: Students, faculty call on Cornell to divest from fuels

The Miscellany News, 2/27/13: Nation’s largest climate protest brings attention to harmful Keystone pipeline

The Miscellany News, 2/27/13: Vassar must divest to take a stand against oppression

The Miscellany News, 2/27/13: VSA Council endorses twice-tabled divestment resolution

The Daily Orange, 2/27/13: Framing fossil fuel divestment goals with social injustices imperative for movement

The Cornell Daily Sun, 2/26/13: Guest Room: The Case for Divestment

The Lamron, 2/21/13: GEO, EcoHouse launch campaign to divest school finances from fossil fuels

The Lamron, 2/21/13: Students attend national climate change rally in D.C.

The Ithacan, 2/20/13: Ithaca College students rally for environmental justice in nation’s capital

The Miscellany News, 2/20/13: VSA ruminates on divestment resolution

The Columbia Spectator, 2/20/13: Barnard Columbia Divest trek to Washington for rally

The Cornell Daily Sun, 2/19/13: Cornell Students Join Tens of Thousands of Protesters in Environmental Rally in D.C.

NYU Local, 2/19/13: Largest Climate Rally Ever Draws Support From NYU

Washington Square News, 2/19/13: Environmental activists rally to block Keystone plan

The Miscellany News, 2/13/13: Divestment proposal gains speed

The Miscellany News, 2/13/13: Opinion: Divestment economics good for VC

The Ithacan, 2/12/13: Guest Commentary: Students should fight for sustainable college investments

Planet Save, 2/2013: Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign Gains Steam In New York: Bill McKibben At NYU

Washington Square News, 2/8/13: Opinion: NYU Must Divest

The Cornell Daily Sun, 2/8/13: Op-Ed: Divestment: Resolution Passes, Fight Continues

The Cornell Daily Sun, 2/8/13: Student Assembly Urges Cornell to Divest From Fossil Fuels

The Lamron, 2/7/13: Activists protest lawsuit against Avon fracking moratorium at county courthouse

The Nation, 2/6/13: NYU Divest Hosts Bill McKibben, Faces Rebuff From Administration

Syracuse Peace Council Newsletter, 2/2013: New SU/ESF Campaign Seeks Divestment from Fossil Fuel Industry

The Daily Orange, 1/22/13: LTE: Faculty group to organize, support SU Fossil Fuel Divestment campaign

The Times Herald Record, 1/19/13: My View: Children from around state join call to ban fracking

The Ithaca Times, 1/16/13: LACS students organize event and youth against fracking

92 WICB Ithaca Radio, 12/13/12: Ithaca College Students Discuss “Divestment” Campaign

The Miscellany News, 12/12/12: Opinion: Vassar must take lead in fossil fuel divestment

NYU Local, 12/12/12: NYU Divest Calls On Sexton To End Fossil Fuel Investments

The Post-Standard, 12/10/12: Syracuse University students join climate change divestment campaign

Columbia Political Review, 12/7/12: Barnard Columbia Divest and the Resurgence of the Left

The Miscellany News, 12/6/12: Staff Editorial: Vassar must divest from fossil fuels slowly and responsibly

The Miscellany News, 12/5/12: Greens push for Vassar College to divest from fossil fuels

The Columbia Spectator, 12/3/12: Student movement to divest in fossil fuels comes to campus

The Brooklyn College Kingsman, 11/2012: Opinion: Calling for an administrative response to Hurricane Sandy

The Columbia Spectator, 11/19/12: A Call to Action, After the Storm

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/19/12: Op-Ed: Any Person, Any Profit?

The Ithacan, 11/16/12: Student group plans action on campus for divestment campaign

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/13/12: Op-Ed: Choosing Survival

The Daily Orange, 11/7/12: Opinion: New group formed after Bill McKibben’s speech opposes fossil fuel funding

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/2/12: Letter to the Editor: The Path Toward Sustainability

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/30/12: Op-Ed: Freak Storms and Fossil Fuels

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/29/12: Student Organization Urges Cornell to Divest Endowment From Fossil Fuels

The Ithacan, 10/24/12: Commentary: Endowment should include student input

The NewsHouse, 10/20/12: Student groups call for Syracuse University’s divestment from fossil fuel companies

I 100 Radio: 10/10/12: Ithaca College Students Push Trustees to Abandon Fossil Fuels

Cornell Daily Sun, 9/5/12: Cornell Students Rally at Don’t Frack New York

The Ithacan, 8/29/12: Ithaca College community joins Albany fracking protest

The State Times, SUNY Oneonta, 5/8/12: Youth Vote Leaders March: Demand Cuomo Ban Fracking

Legislative Gazette, 5/7/12: Students stage wedding of govt and gas drillers, 5/1/12: Students Protest Hydrofracking At Capitol

Politics on the Hudson, 4/30/12: VIDEO: Students Protest Hydrofracking At Capitol

YNN, 4/30/12: Students rally at the Capitol to protest hydrofracking in NYS

News 10, 4/30/12: Students rally at the Capitol to ban hydrofracking

Northeast Public Radio, 4/30/12: Students March Against Hydrofracking

Capitol Tonight, 4/30/12: Students Petition Against Hydrofracking

News 10, 4/29/12: Large turnout expected for hydrofracking rally

Capitol Confidential, 4/27/12: Young anti-frackers hit Albany this weekend

The Lamron, SUNY Geneseo, 4/26/12: Energy Symposium addresses environmental issues

The Miscellany News, Vassar College, 4/25/12: Occupy Earth: Securing future environmental victories’

The Ithacan, 4/20/12: Mock wedding pokes at fracking corruption

The Miscellany News, Vassar College, 4/4/12: Keystone promises natural, human costs

The Lamron, SUNY Geneseo, 2/22/12: Oil, coal or gas- It’s still not clean

The Lamron, SUNY Geneseo, 2/15/12: Geneseo Town discusses moratorium on fracking

The Miscellany News, Vassar College, 2/1/12: Obama’s energy decision worrisome

The Lamron, SUNY Geneseo, 2/1/12: Mount Morris places moratorium on hydrofracking

The Ithacan, 1/25/12: Commentary: Activism played vital role in XL pipeline vote

The Miscellany News, Vassar College, 1/25/12: Keystone veto first step for healthier Earth

The Ithacan, 1/24/12: Obama nixes oil pipeline- Ithacans contributed to fight against construction

YNN, 12/2011: Anti-fracking meeting at Vassar College

The Lamron, SUNY Geneseo, 11/30/11: Students protest hydrofracking at Dansville hearing

The State Times, SUNY Oneonta, 11/28/11: SUCO Students Protest Pipeline

The State Times, SUNY Oneonta, 11/28/11: Teach-In Examines Occupy Movement

The Skidmore News, 11/19/11: Opinion- What’s the fracking fuss?

The Miscellany News, Vassar College, 11/16/11: Fight against Keystone Pipeline not over

The Lamron, SUNY Geneseo, 11/16/11: Activists protest XL pipeline

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/11/11: Letter to the Editor: Yes we did stop the pipeline

The Ithacan, 11/9/11: Season of protest

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/8/11: Cornellians Protest Keystone XL Pipeline in Washington DC

The Ithacan, 11/7/11: Students protest Keystone XL pipeline with D.C. human chain, Stony Brook University, 11/6/11: A College Student Speaks Out

The Lamron, SUNY Geneseo, 11/2/11: Students organize Occupy Geneseo general assembly

The Ithacan, 11/2/11: Protesters push Rochon to ban campus fracking

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/2/11: To Build or Not to Build the Keystone XL Pipeline

The Ithacan, 11/2/11: Commentary: Activists should unite for ecological change, 10/31/11: Laura Smith performs her poem about the Keystone XL Pipeline

The Skidmore News, 10/26/11: EAC meeting focuses on D.C. protest trip and other events

The Miscellany News, Vassar College, 10/25/11: Hydrofracking poses risks to public health

The Skidmore News, 10/23/11: EAC plans trip to join Washington, D.C., protests against Keystone XL

The Miscellany News, Vassar College, 10/19/11: Vassar’s Activist Groups in Focus

The Skidmore News, 10/19/11: EAC discusses trip to D.C. to join protests

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/12/11: Cornellians Join ‘Occupy Wall Street’

The Skidmore News, 10/11/11: EAC plans events for Fall 2011 semester

The Miscellany News, Vassar College, 10/5/11: Students join Occupy Wall St.- Protests draw crowds, questions

The Ithacan, 10/5/11: Commentary: College should protect its lands with fracking ban

Cornell Daily Sun Video, 9/29/11: \”Moving Planet\” Rally and Flash Mob

The, 9/25/11: Creative, global climate-actions: Manhattan to Durban

North Country Now, 9/22/11: Environmental organizations at Clarkson mark Moving Planet Day Saturday

Watertown Daily Times, 9/21/11: Moving Planet Rally, Rave Planners Hope For Change

The Ithacan, 9/14/11: City of Ithaca considers banning hydraulic fracturing

The Hometown Weekly, 9/14/11: Skidmore Activists protest against tar sands in D.C.

The Miscellany News, Vassar College, 9/14/11: Students protest tar sands pipeline plan- Four Greens members arrested in Washington DC

Cornell Daily Sun, 9/6/11: Six Cornellians Arrested in D.C. Protest, 7/30/11: Non-violence at core of planned protests, 7/30/11: Gas drilling opponents learn ways to fight fracking

18 WETM News, Elmira-Corning, NY 7/30/11: First Ever Action Training Camp Against Hydraulic Fracturing Takes Place

Hornell Evening Tribune, 7/29/11: Camp in Pulteney to oppose hydrofracking this weekend, 5/27/11: Laura Smith performs her poem about hydrofracking, 6/25/11: Max Grigri Speaks about Green Umbrella at EPIC No Frack Event

Tompkins Weekly, 5/9-5/15/11: Impact of Power Shift Ripples Outward

The Spectator Online, Hamilton College, 5/5/11: Why Hamilton says “Frack no!” to hydrofracking, 5/2/11: Rally for a Statewide Ban on Fracking – Albany NY – May 2

The New School Free Press, 4/26/11: NYU and The New School collaborate to New York’s water clean

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/22/11: Rechanneling Energy

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/21/11: Students Protest Fracking a Year After BP Oil Spill

Green Thinking at SUNY New Paltz, 4/21/11: Power Shift NY State Lobby

Leave it Better, 4/20/11: Students Against Fracking

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/20/11: Cornell Students Nearly Arrested at Power Shift

Washington Square News, 4/19/11: Students Against Fracking Gear Up for Protest on Wednesday

THINK: Stony Brook’s Progressive Voice, 4/18/11: At Power Shift, New Yorkers Band Together to Say No Fracking Way

We Are Power Shift, 4/8/11: Ithaca Students Demand More from their Elected Officials and Hold Youth Training Workshop

NYU Local, 3/29/11: NYU Students Build Coalition Against Fracking

The Hofstra Chronicle, 3/10/11: Club Spotlight- Students for A Greener Hofstra

NYU Local, 3/2/11: New Yorkers and NYU Students Tell Gas Industry \”No Fracking Way\”

Have a news story to share about actions in your campus or community?  E-mail to post them!


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