Can you help take our movement in NYS to the next level?

Hey team!

From our founding at Power Shift 2011, to the first Non-Violent Direct Action camp against fracking in NYS, to organizing a Youth

Students at Power Shift NY, April 2012

Students at Power Shift NY, April 2012

Day of Action at the original Tar Sands Action, to showing Gov. Cuomo that NY youth will not accept fracking in our future at Power Shift NY, to playing a key role in organizing the historic 3,000-person rally at Don’t Frack New York, to kicking off a dozen powerful campaigns for fossil fuel divestment in NYS, to turning out hundreds of comments from young people on the flawed fracking regs, to the game-changing Marcellus Spring Break action on Seneca Lake — we’ve come a long way in the movement for climate justice in NYS.  

And we can do even more with your help.

It’s time to take our movement to the next level. We’d love to hear your ideas about ways to strengthen our support network and ways to build a broader movement for climate justice off-campus in New York State.  This feedback form will be anonymous but we will share the results with our network.

Please fill this out and share with your campuses by Mon. 4/8, so that we can review results together!

Thanks so much y’all!

Love and Solidarity,
The Green Umbrella

P.S. During the NYS Break-out at the Power Up: Divest Fossil Fuels Convergence, we had some great discussion about ways for the Green Umbrella NY youth network to support and connect students around the state who are working on fossil fuel divestment campaigns. (Check out these notes from the NYS Break-out.)

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